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Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber has launched its 2024 season car

Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber | Source: Sauber

Sauber F1 team has launched its 2024 season F1 livery. The bits of neon green on the black are eye-catching and couldn't be missed on the track.

This year's team is sponsored by the Australian game streaming platform Kick, so the team's full name is Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber for the next two seasons. After that, the team will be renamed to Audi.

The team and Valtteri Bottas hope for a better result this season in both driver and constructors championship.

This will be the third for Bottas with this team after leaving the Mercedes to make way for the Geroge Russell. 

Here are a few pics from the launch event

Kick Sauber has launched its car

Monday, February 5, 2024

Redbull's Team Principal is under Investigation

AI-generated image 

According to the news article by Reuters, Christian Horner is under special internal investigation by the parent company Red Bull for allegedly harassing a female colleague. 

Per the company's spokesperson, a special barrister is carrying out the investigation; meanwhile, Horner denied all the allegations against him.

Christian has been with Rebull for almost 20 years, since 2005, and the team has been performing well for the last few years. Especially last year, out of 22 races, the team has won 21. 

This year, the team will launch their 2024 season F1 car on 15 February.

Here is the discussion thread on Reddit

[@ErikvHaren] NEWS: Red Bull has launched an independent investigation after allegations of inappropriate behavior by team boss Christian Horner. The company confirmed this after questions from De Telegraaf: "We take this very seriously." Horner himself denies it.
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Williams Launched the 2024 Season F1 car FW46

Source: Williams

The Williams team has been racing in F1 since 1977 and has won nine constructors championships. At a launch event in New York, the team streamed the launch of the Fw46 car on YouTube, which will race this year.  

Williams got the heavy machinery manufacturer Komatsu as their sponsor. The car's livery seems inspired by the team's past, with a few new generations touching, hoping for the past glory and achievements.

The car will debut on 20 February in the pre-season testing in Bahrain. It will be driven by Logan Sargent and Alex Albon, who also continue for this year. 

The team has finished 7th in the constructor's championship, which is okay, and the new owners, Dorilton Capital, who got it from the Williams family in 2020, target higher positions in the constructor's championship this year.

Here are the images of the F.W. 46, which is going to race this 2024 F1 season

Williams Car Launch Photos

On Reddit, a few users joke about the Sponsors of William's team, Komatsu, a Heavy machinery manufacturer, by saying the team is sponsored by the new MoneyGram Haas F1 Team Principle Ayao Komatsu.

Kick Sauber is all set to Launch 2024 F1 Car Today

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is now the Kick Sauber F1 Team and will launch its 2024 season F1 car on the Australian game streaming platform, similar to Twitch.

Alfa Romeo ended last in the constructor's championship in the last season. The team re-branded this season after getting a deal from the Australian streaming platform Kick.

Let's hope the team's fate will be changed after re-branding this year.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Sauber F-1 Team Kick page for tomorrow's car launch at 12:30 AM IST.

Sunday, February 4, 2024

Business in Lewis Hamilton Switch to Ferrari

A lone driver staring at sunset in Silverstone next to his F1 Car  | Source: AI-generated Image 

According to reports by several news outlets, the seven-time champion is getting paid about 100 million dollars per year at the Ferrari, and the company will be investing in Lewis Hamilton's upcoming personal projects he is planning for retirement.

In a Reddit post, there is a mention of a Podcast by Formu1a.uno on Twitch by The_Chozen_1_, where he writes the following:

There could be a massive migration of talent from different teams to Ferrari's headquarters along with Lewis. This is important for the team and Lewis as they could benefit from the experience, try to solve the issues in the Ferrari, and win the Championship and Constructors Trophy.

Mercedes's lead engineer got all the required permissions from the present and future teams, and the decision to choose his workplace is up to the engineer. 

Coming to the teammate Charles, he is happy to work and get guidance from the experienced champion and his idol in the sport. The current teammate, Carlos Sainz, and their team have gotten a bit disappointed and even deleted the Instagram highlights, which include the Ferrari. He needs to prove to others and get a suitable contract by the end of this season, or else he needs to be on a sabbatical. He would be getting in a mid-team before half the season is done.

Wearing and driving for the Red Team in F1 is a dream for any F1 driver, and Lewis chooses to go for them at the end of his career. Ferrari started their efforts to sign Lewis 3 weeks before and excluded well; this deal makes a considerable history in F1 history as it is the biggest deal between two famous parties and a huge financial deal in the history of F1. 

For Ferrari, Lewis and Charles are unbeatable drivers on paper, but for this to work, well-executed strategies are required, along with the fastest cars on the track for that year. We have seen so many times that Ferrari strategies don't work well on the field during a high-stakes race.

Here is the photo of Charles and Lewis posted on Reddit during the 2016 F1 race, where Charles is still an F1 rookiee.

The 2025 Ferrari drivers during a red flag at the 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix.
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